>it sucked and then i cried

>so a few MONTHS ago i put dooce’s book on request at the library. at the time, i’d only been reading her blog for a few weeks (and even then, off and on), but i was really intrigued by her book and knew i wanted to read it. why would i want to read a book by a somewhat bitter ex-mormon? i wasn’t so sure either. during the time i was waiting for my turn to read it (i was 7 or 8 on the holds list), i read dooce almost daily and just couldn’t wait for the book to get in. it finally came in a few weeks ago and i started reading it right away.

if you read dooce on a regular basis, it’s almost certain you’ll love this book as well. many of the passages are just old blog entries, but there is plenty of original material as well. if you haven’t heard of the book, it’s heather’s journey of pregnancy and the months following when she suffered from post-partum depression. even if you aren’t a) married b) with child or c) have suffered post-partum depression, this book is still incredibly endearing. i love heather’s writing because she is blunt. she is hilarious and has hilarious things happen to her, and she writes in a way that is so personal, like you’re reading a letter from a friend. i don’t know how else to explain it, other than it’s exactly what i love to read.

the book is not a “wo is me” sob story, nor is it specifically just for one audience because it’s mainly about pregnancy and life with a newborn. while she does go into some detail about her depression, it’s in a way that is meant to inform, to really get across how real the condition is. heather sought treatment for her condition for the sake of her family, because she knew she was going somewhere bad. i can’t even imagine the courage it took for her to check herself into a hospital and actually recognize what she needed to do. her story is simply inspiring. another part i loved about the book were the monthly letters she wrote to Leta. she would describe what happened during the month with her and jon, what leta was like as a baby, the progress she was making, and just fun stuff to document her baby life. it was so cute, and really makes me want to do something like that with my future babies.

but what i love most about reading her blog, and this book especially, is the amount of LOVE you can feel just reading the words. i love that she loves her husband so much. i love that she loves her children so much (isn’t marlo just the cutest thing ever!!??). i love that you can practically feel the love radiating out of the computer screen sometimes, and in the book, too. it’s just LOVE all around, something that is rare these days. and she isn’t afraid to express it to strangers. i just love that, and it’s what keeps me coming back to her site every day. even though i have never met her, i feel like i know her. and i think that’s what makes her such a successful blogger. just an ordinary woman who accidentally fell into this fame. i hope she writes more books, because i will most definitely read them.

(i’m on to my next book, “only child,” a collection of essays written by authors who are only children themselves. i’m only a few pages in and can already tell i’m going to love it very much. i’ll have a book report coming on that coming soon!)


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