>Happy Birthday to my Blog!


his, ladies and gents, is my 200th post! let’s eat some cake, shall we?
(photo via cake wrecks)

i’m celebrating with you by sharing some funny names of babies that were recently born in the rochester area. is this mean? i hope not. i love a good baby name story/share fest. there’s never a shortage of kooky names, espcially in utah, but rochester has pulled through with a few good examples. here are some of my favorites–and happy birthday to these babies as well!

(first name/middle name)

Journey Dior
Gavin Rossdale
Giovanni Montreal
Ko’Zier Lamonttay
KenTrell Harlem
Jazirah Moenea
Trinity Allen Timothy
I’mani Liyah
Shy’mere Daryl Shawntae
Natoria Na’je
Ty’Zaree Marie
Le’nir Sione
Lee’shawn Qu’ran
Ze’Miyah Nevaeh and Ze’Mirah Heaven

and last but not least…

Juh’nyia Ty’janeak Jisonie

*click here for proof that i am NOT making any of these up*


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