>a smorgasbord of tasty treats

>dearest readers,
you can stop the search party. i’ve returned to the blogosphere.
thank you for sticking with me. this is probably the millionth time that i’ve gone missing for so long, so if you’re still here, congrats. you’re awesome. (see image <——) the reason for my absence is simple: i spend 8.5 hours a day on a computer, surfing the internet and researching subjects i know nothing about, writing anywhere from 2400 to 3600 words per day (4-6 articles, 600 words each). my eyes hurt, i'm completely drained of all energy, and the last thing i want to think about is coming home and writing something else (that i'm not getting paid for). i'm working at a small marketing (?) agency in a neighboring town, writing web content for our clients. it pays well and gets me out of the house (not to mention making my writing skills absolutely stellar), so i'm not complaining. i got the phone call offering me the job and started the next day. can you say whirlwind? it's pretty much been nonstop since then, with the trip last weekend and everything else in my life. so there's your explanation. at least it's not lame like every other time i've gone missing. if you've been following me on twitter you know i’ve been very alive. luckily i have a twitter dashboard client on my work computer so i can keep up with everything. i’m learning tons about social media, both from my writing and from the people i follow on twitter. it’s amazing the resources that are out there and the people who want to HELP you for FREE. i love how it’s bringing people together. is that pathetic?

hmmm lets see, what else do i have for you?

oh yes, did you see “The T.O. Show” last night on Vh1? i was flipping between that at kathy griffin (naturally), but it was…entertaining (t.o.= terrell owens, notorious NFL bad boy). elizabeth and i have developed a newfound love for T.O. ever since it was announced he was playing for the buffalo bills for a year. we follow him on twitter (so very entertaining) and plan to go to bills training camp (just down the street from us) whenver we can and express our love.

hopefully my life will be much more exciting in the coming weeks. some things i’m looking forward to this week include…
*ellen degeneres as a guest judge on sytycd tomorrow. brilliant. can’t wait to hear her commentary!
*my biffle kevin being done with TFA institute and making a stopover in rachacha for a few nights, and i get him all to myself
*clare coming home for the weekend from baltimore, and hopefully a GNO (hahaha) on friday
*checking this book out of the library and finishing this one

so yeah, i guess i have a full week ahead of me. hopefully i can stay awake during it (did i mention i’m weaning myself off of D.C.? hardest thing ever.)

ok, i’ll leave you with those tasty treats i promised!

BFF kevin’s fantastic solo

Posh Spice hearts me


2 thoughts on “>a smorgasbord of tasty treats

  1. >Congrats on the new job Tara! I'm so excited for you! I'm dying to read your newest book! It's definitely going on my list. Hope everything else in your life is going well. 🙂

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