>rockin’ wayfarers


so elizabeth‘s dad travels to china every now and then for work, and always picks up treats when he’s there. a few trips ago he got eliz some (faux) ray-bans that look good enough to pass for the real thing. so when i heard he was going back, i asked if he could pick some up for me as well! (mr. c is awesome). so last week they finally arrived! i admit, they look hot, and i feel like a million bucks (yen?) wearing them around.
so as an official owner of ray-bans, i logged on to the Web site to poke around. if you’ve never been to ray-ban.com, i highly suggest a visit. it’s so fun! and interactive! i may even join the ray-ban community. (do you think they can tell mine are fake??) here are some screenshots to get the hype going…

light the fuse….
and BOOM! paint exlposion!
doodle your own pair of wayferers. mine are pink, obvi
hope everyone had a happy 4th of july! fairport is celebrating a bit early with fireworks at 7:30 pm…oh fairport.


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