>unemployment gives me lots of time to read and tweet

>my favorite thing about twitter is how close you can get to famous people. i could go @ Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) right now and he would totally see what i wrote to him. same goes with rainn wilson (@rainnwilson) and britney spears (@britneyspears). so cool! twitter is more than telling people where you are or what you’re doing or what you’re reading. it’s an easy (and free!) way to connect to people around the world.

one of the “celebs” that i follow is jen lancaster (@altgeldshrugged), one of my favorite authors. she’s awesome because she’s totally down to earth and just writes what she feels and what she knows. get ready to laugh when you read her stuff- some of the wittiest writing ever.

not only do i love her books (i’ve read 2 of the 4 and have the other 2 on loan from the library right now), i love how she gets her fans involved in everything. in additon to her writing career, she keeps her blog jennsylvania updated with lots of cool stuff. as a lead up to her newest book coming out in may, she had a “show me your 80s” month and had readers and fans send her their most hilarious photos of 80s hair and fashion (the book was all about her 80s childhood). she also gave away signed copies of her books to the winners.

can you think of any other celebrity/author who interacts with fans that much? i love it!

when i’m that famous, i promise to do that, too.

now go read her books!
Bitter is the New Black
Bright Lights, Big A$$
Such a Pretty Fat
Pretty in Plaid


One thought on “>unemployment gives me lots of time to read and tweet

  1. >Hey!..came across you blog through 20sb..Think it's fun!..good read :)As for celebs on twitter..I follow Eddie Izzard and Russell Peters (I'm not sure how much you're into stand up comedians..but they're pretty funny with their tweets and interact with their fans as well!)..Anyway..think m gonna enjoy reading your blog..hope you find mine interesting as well 🙂

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