>amid this sad month (ONTD’ers are calling it JUNE DOOM), there is some good news.

well, maybe not for you, but for me at least. and i’ll share it with you because i like it.

one of my favorite writers/comedians/contributers to “This American Life” is Elna Baker, a twentysomething living in manhattan. she also happens to be a mormon (like me), which automatically caught my attention the first time i heard her (alex went to church with her last summer…makes me regret skipping the one weekend i was there visiting!!). i heard her for the first time on TAL a year and a half ago, and after her piece they said something about her having a book coming out soon. i got online ASAP to check it out. i’ve been waiting. and waiting. and searching. and finally….

it’s coming out in October!!

i love elna because she has the same feelings about singles wards as i do… just watch.

also…check out my post on Sparxoo about the Traits of Gen Y Leaders. there will be more from them in the future, as i’ll be interning there this summer!


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