>two years

>i truly can’t believe it’s been two years.

it’s hard to think back to this time two years ago. it’s hard to look at the pictures leading up to this day, seeing the joy in the faces of my friends, not knowing what was about to happen, what we were about to face.

it’s hard to think about the day after, which is what i remember most vividly. it was a rare beautiful day in rochester, a day that seemed to last forever and also was too short at the same time. i remember the mix of emotions i felt, that my friends felt, that all of fairport felt.

we knock fairport a lot, but it’s truly a unique town that i’m proud to call home. i’ve heard people from surrounding towns remark that even they know we’re different. our high school promotes the feeling of a family, and that feeling reverberates throughout everyone who lives within it’s boundaries. it sucks that it sometimes takes tragic events to make us appreicate what we have.

i’m going to repost this video again, and i’ll continue to repost it every year for as long as i can.
june 26th will never be the same.
in the arms of the angels…hc.bg.mm.sm.ks

hannah’s hope / video
katie shirley’s closet / video
bailey’s book
sara monnat
meredith mcclure


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