>the september issue

>alex…this post is basically just for you.

just found the trailer for a movie i have been waiting forever to see AND learned it’s finally coming out at the end of august! i’m giddy with excitement.

the movie/documentary is “the september issue,” which documents (obviously) the creation of the september 2007 issue of vogue, the largest issue in its history (800+ pages with 700 of them being ads)

reasons why i know i will love it:

1. exquisite clothes
2. fierce anna wintour
3. devil wears prada in real life
4. i love journalism
5. i love vogue and wish to write for it someday
6. interviews with famous and fabulous designers
7. did i mention the clothes…?

“the september issue” premiered at sundance this past january, and by the time i found out about it, tickets were already sold out. let’s hope the little will be fabulous enough to show it ASAP.


One thought on “>the september issue

  1. >HYPERVENTILATING. Holy whoa. I too wanted to see this at sundance and couldn't for said reasons!oh and ps andre's "famine" quote was hilarious. ohhhhhh crazy andre.

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