>you’re my inspiration

>i’ve been saying for years that i want to write a book someday. ideally, i want to write a memoir in a style like david sedaris, jen lancaster, laurie notaro, etc. because i want to write this kind of book, memoirs and essay compilations are pretty much the only kind of book i read now. every now and then i’ll throw in a chick lit novel, or, much to my surprise, a nonfiction book about Politics or The Media. i know i know, i am so Grown Up.

to the left is the stack of books i’m currently attempting to read. some were started months or weeks ago, others were just rescued from the library. by the way, sometimes 3 weeks is just not enough time to read a book, especially when you check out five at a time and time moves extra fast. can you believe i didn’t even make it through an entire book during jury duty?

you would think that with all the downtime during the trial (and i mean A LOT of it), i would be able to read at least one entire book that is pretty fluffy. but no, not even i can read that fast apparently. i’m clearly not in my harry potter mode, when clearing 800+ pages in 2 1/2 days is not a problem. maybe i should have taken that speed reading class at BYU after all…

anyway, i know i’m crazy, but please suggest some books for me to add to this neverending list. i’d like to get an idea of what else is out there besides the periodic check of the NYT Bestsellers and the “Just Arrived” section in the library.

and just so i don’t get harassed about it later…the tori spelling book is supposed to be really good. sometimes i watch her show on oxygen and i just find her adorable. that said, i probably won’t even get around to reading it.


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