>"twurl"wind week

>get it…twurlwind? haha for those who aren’t as twitter/tweetdeck obsessed, twurl is one of the many url choices you can do to shorten a long web address. i like it better than the rest (bit.ly, tiny url, tr.im, etc) because it makes me think of dancing (twirling) and just being girly in general. i don’t know why. don’t ask. (also, follow me on twitter if you aren’t already- @tara_lane. even my most technology-challenged friends are getting in on it).

i’m sorry, yet again, for my lack of writing. i honestly didn’t realize that it had been a week since i last blogged! i’ve been up to a lot, i guess, what with the never ending job search, an interview and everything that goes along with that, and spending a lot of time with my cats. i know i’m going stir crazy when i talk to them like regular people (“goosie, what should i have for lunch?” “skittles, go get me a spoon please.”) you see, what a great life i lead.

i’ve been doing a lot of prep for my evetunal move out of fairport and into my own place somewhere downtown (cross your fingers for somewhere near park ave [rochester]). stuff like…apartment hunting and comparisons, roommate finding websites, potential cars (honda fit, vw jetta + honda cr-v are my top 3 choices). also looking into furniature and design options; today i looked at dishes at target for like 15 minutes, just daydreaming about my ficticous apartment and life on my own.

college life, while technically “on my own,” just isn’t the same. even while in DC, where i worked a 35-40 hour work week and lived in the heart of the city, i was still trapped in the college mindset and still didn’t get that feeling of being independent. i just hope that when it does happen, i’ll make new friends and won’t become a hermit, staying in after dark because i’ve watched a few too many episodes of SVU and Bones.

ok tweeps, i’m off to read more about this newfangled enhanced drivers license that will potentially get me in and out of canada (i am passport-challenged and have never needed one) for the proposed toronto jaunt with my wolfpack of three.

i promise to update more this week. good things to come, and hopefully some good news as well.


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