>jury duty


so i’ve been selected to serve on a jury…apparently this is cause for congratulations!
yesterday was a loooong day, to say the least. i was dreading going (doesn’t everyone?) but it turned out just fine, i guess. hey, if the state wants to pay me $40 a day, fine by me. it’s more than i make sitting on my booty at home looking for a job. now i feel Big and Important because i’m doing my civic duty and contributing to society. go me.
remember that time oprah served and made an entire week’s worth of episodes about it?

i wish it were that exciting, and i really wish i could do that.

EDIT: i forgot to say that doing this has jumpstarted me with a keen interest of the law. i now have Court TV on whenever i can, listen intently to the news stories on the radio and have started watching the short-lived law & order: trial by jury.

EDIT x2: real courts are nothing like law & order.


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