>for your consideration

>there are two movies coming out in the near future that i’m pretty excited about.

The first one is “Away We Go,” starring Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski.

“…This funny and heartfelt film follows the journey of an expectant couple (John Krasinski [The Office] and Maya Rudolph [Saturday Night Live]), as they travel the U.S. in search of the perfect place to put down roots and raise their family. Along the way, they have misadventures and find fresh connections with an assortment of relatives and old friends who just might help them discover home on their own terms for the first time.”

The second is “Paper Heart,” a pseudo-documentary starring Michael Cera, his real-life girlfriend Charlyne (if you watch 30Rock, she’s played Kenneth’s love interest a few times), and a bunch of Judd Apatow favorites.

(fast forward to :34 for the funniest kid-ism EVER)

“…PAPER HEART follows Charlyne as she embarks on a quest across America to make a documentary about the one subject she doesnt fully understand. As she and her good friend (and director) Nicholas search for answers and advice about love, Charlyne talks with friends and strangers, scientists, bikers, romance novelists, and children. They each offer diverse views on modern romance, as well as various answers to the age-old question: does true love really exist? Then, shortly after filming begins, Charlyne meets a boy after her own heart: Michael Cera. As their relationship develops on camera, her pursuit to discover the nature of love takes on a fresh new urgency. Charlyne risks losing the person she finds closest to her heart. Combining elements of documentary and traditional storytelling, reality and fantasy, PAPER HEART brings a fresh perspective to the modern romance and redefines the classic love story.”

There are probably a few more that I know I’m forgetting, but these one’s just stand out right now. Also, both are a little hipster, but let’s face it… my one true desire in life is to be a cool hipster that people don’t make fun of (Is this even possible?).

What are some summer movies you’re looking forward to?


4 thoughts on “>for your consideration

  1. >du-uude…I saw the Paper Heart trailer on Cup of Jo a while ago, and kept replaying the kid-ism of which you speak over and over, laughing and laughing and laughing. i’m still laughing. the john krasinski movie looks good too!

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