>back to the grind

>well bloggybears, i think i’m finally overcoming the hive infestation that has been plaguing me since thursday. things reaching a peak yesterday when my legs turned purple and my knees ached like those of a 75-year-old woman. my mom whisked me away to an urgent care, where they didn’t give me any news but did give me a prescription for prednisone, a steroid that seems to be working. cross your fingers for me that it doesn’t happen again! i wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. especially all the fun side-effects like wheezing, trouble breathing, stuffy nose and pounding headaches.

so the MTV movie awards were on last night. there were a whole lot of just not right moments, so bad that i had to change the channel just to avoid the secondhand embarassment. plus, everyone looked like a bunch of hot messes. not one of MTV’s finer moments, that’s for sure. the one thing i did like? the addition/creation of the Nikon Fashion 360 spot, where stars had a 48 cameras go off at the same time all around them, creating a cool panoramic effect. (photo of lauren conrad, via mtv.com)

see a video of how it works from my new hero, ijustine:

and see more fashion 360 shots here!


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