>what a difference a week makes

>yes, i’m fully aware that i haven’t blogged in over a week. i have Things To Do, ok? but really, i was busy.

on monday i dragged myself out of bed at 4am for my 6am flight to North Carolina, where i was met by kevin at the airport. over the next few days we packed him up and moved all his crap to a storage locker, then set out on the longest journey of my life, a 15+ hour ordeal from chapel hill to rochester. along the way we stopped in DC for a few hours to eat some potbelly, say hi to our favorite homeless man, and soak up some georgetown frillyness before hopping back onto the beltway for an hour of hellish traffic. we made it back in one piece, thankfully, and i’ve been looking for jobs every day since then.

i had an interview and a fancy scmancy restaurant for a hostess position. i hear back about that later this week. cross your fingers for me!

i’ve also pimped myself out of craigslist in an effort to pick up some freelancing gigs. we’ll see how that goes (tell your friends!)

here are some “exciting” pictures as of late:

my cat has taken to camping out on this blanket in my room. i put it there to get it out of the way, but it’s become her new favorite spot. her constant presence in my room has made my allergies go berserk, so a daily reliance on generic brand claritin has been necessary.

the lone picture on my camera from north carolina. as we were moving stuff, a few deer appeared really close to the apartment. like, really close. we stalked them for a bit, but they ran off into the woods again. bye bye, bambi.

kev, tp and i tried going to the lilac festival on friday. we got lost. really lost. here we are hiking in non-appropriate clothes through the woodlands of highland park. we eventually found the festival and i ate a funnel cake. it was yummy.




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