>come what may and love it!

>now that i’ve been a college grad for 2 weeks and my skin as finally started calming down from it’s annual region-change freakout, it’s time to get my job search on. actually, i’ve been searching for a few days (no luck thus far…) but i’m keeping my hopes high and just applying to anything and everything i qualify for.

i’ve started looking into freelancing opportunities and have found some really valuable resources. i’m amazed at how helpful people are! this is a whole new world and it’s really intimidating at times. i know what i’m up against, and while the thought can be defeating, i’m not going to let it get to me. i feel like it’s this circle i can’t break into. “want to freelance?
send us samples!” well, what happens if you don’t have any samples because you can’t get any gigs because you don’t have samples!? does that even makes sense? I JUST WANT TO WRITE!! (p.s. if any potential employers are reading this…you should hire me)

it’s like being a waitress. you can only waitress if you have experience. but there doesn’t seem to be any places that hire people with no experience. i just need that big break, to get my foot in the door. i’m confident that after that, i’ll be able to do soooo much more! so if you know of any opportunities, near or far, please let me know. have a friend in the pr/comms/journalism/writing biz? give me their e-mail! we’re all in this together, right?


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