>here’s to happiness

>naomi over at rockstar diaries has started a lovely little series called “10 things that make you terribly happy” and features lists her readers have sent in. i haven’t sent mine to her {yet}, but i wanted to make a list anyway. here’s my list of 10 simple little things that make me terribly happy. try making your own, too. it’s fun 🙂

{photo by me}

1. the smell of fresh cut grass or the smell right after it rains
2. rolling around in warm laundry
3. when my favorite song comes on the radio in the car
4. an unexpected phone call or text from a bestie
5. hour long gchats filled with inside jokes, office quoting and reminiscing
6. pineapple in any way shape or form
7. when a new magazine comes in the mail
8. diet coke with raspberry italian soda squirt from zupa’s
9. finding a favorite show on tv when i think nothing is on
10. the feeling you get falling asleep after a day of swimming when you still feel like you’re floating in the water


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