>catching up

>i’m SO SO SO sorry again to everyone who reads my blog. i’ve been going through kind of a rut over the past week and haven’t felt the urge to write anything. i guess when i was in school blogging was a way to escape and procrastinate, but now that i don’t have anything to do, it’s not really a priority. BUT that is going to change. because i’m charged and ready to go now. i’m applying to lots of jobs, writing, freelance, PR, you name it. hopefully something will happen sooner rather than later. i never wanted to be that person who graduated from school (and a good one at that) and then moved back in with their parents with nothing to do. i really have been trying since january to get a job but this recession is proving ruthless and impossible for my job search. cross your fingers for me?

some updates on life:

i graduated college. and i passed econ. so i’m now an alum of BYU with a degree in communications (public relations emphasis) and a minor in business. go me. it still feels weird and hasn’t really hit yet how impressive it is. probably because i don’t have a job. or a real diploma. graduation week was exhausting and fun and sad all at the same time. it was hard to say goodbye to everyone, although i do plan to go back and visit next semester. we cleaned the entire apartment for cleaning checks only to have them come in for one minute and not check anything that was actually important. i better get my deposit back.

i went to chicago and it was fun. lots of good food, walking around (despite the rain), a little too much money spent at sephora (but it was worth it), and sightseeing. i wasn’t too impressed by the L and it made me miss DC’s cleanliness and overall non-grossness.

i’m in the process of catching up on all the tv shows i missed while roadtripping. i never realized how many shows i actually watch. it’s sad. in between i took a break and watched the wackness, which was really good. if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a trip to redbox. i really only wanted to see it because MK is in it, but she was really only in it for 2 scenes. sir ben kingsley was awesome to watch and makes me regret not paying attention to ghandi when we were forced to watch it in 10th grade.

in other news…

i really miss DC.

2 thoughts on “>catching up

  1. >AWWWWW TURRALURR I can’t believe you are gone! Isn’t it fun/sad when you start missing cities? Better than a long distance boyfriend, I think, because cities will never let you down once you reunite. CONGRATS on Econ btw..

  2. >I totally agree about not wanting to move back in with my parents and not have a job – but I guess that’s what happens to the best of us. I feel like it’s a little more embarassing when you’re married though. Haha, well here’s to your job search!

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