>rendezvous in nauvoo

>last night my mom and i rolled into nauvoo, illinois, around 9pm. the town seems like it’s stuck in the 1800s (and really, half of it is!) nauvoo is a little town just across the mississippi from iowa, and home to many LDS chuch history sites. my friend meghan is serving a mission here and i got to see her today when we stopped by the visitors center! it was good to see a familiar face along this trip. we’ve been driving 10 hours each day through the middle of nowhere wyoming, nebraska and iowa. it’s been nice to take a break and visit this place where old people dress up in pioneer outfits and show us how life used to be. i know for sure now that i was born in the right century, however. i could not have lived here back then with layers upon layers of clothes and bonnets and malaria-infected mosquitos. off to chicago tomorrow to see the game of pit in real life, eat real deep-dish pizza and some really good steak. yummmmmm.


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