>The Promises of Rain

>today is the 20something bloggers blogswap day! i was paired with alyssa who blogs over at how lucky we are. enjoy her guest post!

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i’ve been listening to regina spektor for the last few days, sprinkled with some beirut, and it’s been so soothing to just watch out the window as the rain pours down from the dark sky and the colours from the new buds and flowers poking up from the dirt and concrete are brought to life. i don’t particularly like the rain, especially when i’m getting soaked when i don’t want to, but when i’m dry and warm and behind a window, it can be magical. i love how the water soaks into the concrete and the bricks, making them darker and blending all the different bits and pieces together. the street is smudged into the sidewalks and then up into the buildings, everything becomes one huge glistening block of various shades of dark grey. the mud is drowned and splashed around, opening up holes for the baby plants coming up for their first breath of air and unfurling their leaves to the sky. and because the world they are born into has been melted into one dark colour, they can shine theirs honestly and brilliantly. it’s almost like they are being encouraged to be the best they can be from day one. first the greens. the new leaves on trees and shrubs are so bright and scream “spring,” especially against the wet bark covering their hosts. during a sunny day, they might be overlooked, as they are still so tiny and unsure of themselves. there are so many, and they look all the same, there’s no way to stand out in the brightness. but as soon as it rains, a chorus erupts and cheers can be heard rumbling off the branches, “welcome, you are lovely!” then the pinks! they show up after the greens have had a week or so to shine and revel in their 15 minutes. magnolias, tulips, cherries, roses, peonies, poppies, and zinnias in every shade of pink, from pale red to salmon and coral to a blushing white. each of them is clean and precise with a desire to compliment their neighbors, rather than eclipse them. then they introduce the rest of the colours by coaxing them out with promises of praise and acceptance. the yellows and purples, with a few blues and reds, start to push their way through the green once they’re sure of their hue. like fireworks, they pop up between the pinks and whatever other blooms happen to be around. sometimes they are surrounded by family, sometimes they are one in another group, but nobody is inhospitable. there is no judgement, only appreciation and admiration. and while all the petals and little buds are busy smiling and laughing with each other, the rain keeps on falling for them. they drink up the spring and encourage happiness, hope for the coming months, and they grow strong on love.

and when the sun comes out, and the flowers dry their skin in the warmth, nature’s fresh perfume fills the air until summer, when the spring flowers give way to the savory and bold lilacs, crysanthemums and lilies. not to mention long, soft grass. the one thing i can’t wait for is the day i can lay in the grass with a good book and listen to the birds and feel the sun on my arms and legs. maybe i’ll have a picnic.


3 thoughts on “>The Promises of Rain

  1. >I’m an interesting one because I love the rain but unless it’s the weekend I don’t like getting stuck in it. Yet I never have my umbrella with me so it’s pretty much like I’m tempting fate most especially in April and May. I too love how green the grass looks, how quickly the flowers pop up and how everything smells cleaner and fresh outside after the rain. I’m a rain freak, what can I say??

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