>Growing Up, Day 16: It’s Just A Fact


Fact: Britney Spears is back

girlfriend put on an amazing show the other night. i really can’t explain how much fun it was, just dancing and singing along like a 13 year old girl again. the concert had some crazy stuff going on and in between sets there were some really good circus tricks/acrobats/performers keeping us more than entertained. we had amazing seats, thanks to my quick finding of the pre-sale code way back in december. i’m so glad i got to celebrate my end-of-collegeness this way! it was perfecttttt. if you want to pretend you were there with me, check out all my videos on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/turrific

Fact: Tumbling gyms are fun. And sometimes deadly.

last night a bunch of my friends and i went to the tumbling gym down the street for a little
finals stress relief. we had the gym just for our group for an hour and half, which was plenty of time for trampoline jumping, sumo wrestling, cartwheel-doing and foam pit clobbering. the one thing everyone wanted to try was the bungee harness, which only looks fun when you’re NOT on it. one flip and a couple of cross-room bungees later, i ended up with these SWEET rug burns because i failed (or certain people failed to tell me…) to jump at a certain time. it’s alright though, i’m tough. battle wounds, right? i’ll have some sweet scabs for the summer, sure to make a fashion statement. you should try it.


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