>Growing Up, Day 14: Rewarding Myself

My reward for getting through this week and taking a monstrous, deadly economics final at 7am on Friday? An afternoon matinee Zac Efron squeal-fest with my best girls.
A movie with Troy Bolton AND Chandler Bing? I’m there.

My other reward is happening tonight. The greatest show on earth featuring the one and only Queen of Pop, Miss Britney Spears (an entire post is forthcoming, obviously)!!! This reward is for making it through college. I just attended my last college class EVER, and now i’m just sitting here trying to pass the time until 5:30 when alex will pick me up for the concert. I’ve prepared myself with 8 camera batteries and also knowing that i will probably lose my voice. But it will be soooooo worth it. I’ll be tweeting and twitpic-ing the night away, so follow me @tara_lane. you know you want to.


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