>Growing Up, Day 13: I FAILED

>hello bloggybears, i’ve failed at NaBloPoMo. Only 10 days in. what can i say, blogging on the weekends is hard. i’m mad at myself for being lazy and also uncreative. i feel like i’m running out of steam and there’s not a lot leftover for anything extra. the last day of class of my college career is tomorrow. every day that inches toward graduation is one less day i have to spend with the people i’ve grown to love and adore over the past 4 years. it’s the strangest mix of emotions. i’m dreading the morning of april 25th. i need a hug.

in other news, i recieved a shipment from the beatuy gods last week, otherwise known as sephora.com. to be honest, i only got stuff because i got a free full-sized eyeliner with my order. the eyeliner was worth more than my entire order. the eyeliner is so-so, not my favorite. but the other thing i got is amazing. beyond amazing. STELLAR.

meet juice beauty’s “blemish be gone” serum. i was really skeptical of it at first. i only really got it to get the free eyeliner. after using it, i’ve been recommending it to everyone. it’s like a magic blemish potion that makes things disappear before they even show up. it’s just a roll-on thingamajig that takes zero skill. an added bonus is that it evens out skintone, which is another thing i desperately need. AND it doesn’t dry out your skin! ka-chingggg. interested? get yours here: blemish be gone!

one more thing: i’m on the hunt for a new tinted moisterizer. if you have any suggestiongs, please let me know!


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