>Growing Up, Day 7: Let’s Get Some Shoes!


it’s no secret that i love shoes.

especially when they’re on sale!

i’m particularly obesessed with flats. everyone teases me about it. my friend sarah often comes over to raid my closet and can’t get over how many pairs of flats i have? what can i say, they’re comfortable, ok? i think i can trace it back to the pair that started it all, though. it was 2 1/2 years ago. the pair: gray with pink lining, sequins sewn on the outside (but not in a flashy way).

fit: perfect.

(you can kind of see them here…)

i wore those shoes into the ground. every single day i could possible wear them, i did. they matched EVERYTHING because the sequins reflected the colors i wore. i finally had to throw them away last spring when i couldn’t take the hole my toe had worn into the soles. so, so sad. i think i may have even shed a tear. (definitely a moment of growing…up).

when i noticed that pair was going downhill was really when the obsession started. the need to find the perfect replacement for those perfect flats. of course i deviated from the search at points along the way and picked up some other gems. of course, most of them were bought on sale. my favorite sale story is of my brown zebra print wedges (they’re close enough, ok?). i got them for $30 marked down from $130 at a little boutique in provo. i always get compliments on them. and then i promptly share that story.

i decided to count how many flats i actually have. the number? 14.
it’s not THAT bad, right?? (please say yes)

here is a picture of some of my favorites.


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