>Growing Up, Day 6: Pretty Pretty Princess

>i wish i could be at home this month while doing NaBloPoMo, only because everything i want to post about “growing up” is there. all of my pictures and things i could potentially use in a post are inaccessible and i don’t want to bother my parents with finding anything. i spent a lot of time over christmas break trying to find a certain set of pictures for a certain blogger, but they were nowhere to be found. so sad.

if i were home i would find the pictures from one of my teenage birthday parties (i think i was in 7th grade) where my friends and i went to a salon and got hair, nails and makeup done. i thought about this party because i’ve been doing my nails a lot lately and it’s taking me back to that time when i was 14 and nail polish was basically my life. i seem to have reverted back to that age, because i’m all about COLORS! and GLITTER! and having funky nails. i guess it’s better to get it out of my system now, pre-professional career where hot pink nails may be frowned upon, right?

i’m also really obsessed with eyeshadow, too. i don’t know where it came from (now THAT brings me back to my dress-up days, but that’s a whole other post). i never used to wear eyeshadow, but now it’s a regular part of my makeup routine. i think it started when i tried to make my eyes brighter when i was sickly last month. anyway, just know that nail polish and makeup are AWESOME and i love being a girl and not really acting my age. now on to some pretty pictures.

(i LOVE this color)

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