>Growing Up, Day 5: Where an Adult can be a Kid


the other day, i stumbled upon one of the best movies EVER playing on the disney channel.


i think this was one of those sunday night family movies ABC used to run once in a while, that or it was a Disney Channel Original. either way, it’s an amazing movie starring will ferrell friedle and that’s all you really need to know. given the fact that i’m now a DC expert and practically a native, watching it this time was even more fun, if you can believe it.

MDWTPD almost rivals this gem:

starring a young, innocent pre-britney justin timberlake
and the girl that currently stars on psych.

i love cheese-tastic disney flicks. even as i continue to grow up, these movies will always have a special place in my heart. i will drop everything and watch, only because they are so rare to see on tv anyway!

now if only mtv would run this again…

i said U + ME = US.


2 thoughts on “>Growing Up, Day 5: Where an Adult can be a Kid

  1. >Wait wait wait…Will Ferrell is in ‘my date with the presidents daughter’?!!!! I now have that opening theme song in my head…And I really need to check Model Behavior with JT. Heard of it but didn’t realize the Justin factor…And you forgot to mention ‘Luck of the Irish’ – that kid was hott.And Zenon. 90s girl power forever. I should make my own blog post about it, this is a novel. epic post, turralurr

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