>Growing Up, Day 3: Child’s Play


who remembers that old game mastermind? (refresh yourself here)

anyway, i loved that game. and as i was perusing the apple website for some more game widgets yesterday, i came across a widget for a game called “codebreaker” that is basically mastermind masquerading under a different identity. even though i’m grown up, i’m still a sucker for games like this. i had mastermind in the full size AND a travel size.

i downloaded it immediately. however, i still haven’t been able to beat it. it’s hard!

another game i found? POP AND DROP!!

alex, remember when i played this game nonstop freshman year? now i have it right at my fingertips on my widget dashboard!

just one more reason why everyone should have a mac. you can bring back memories from your childhood with just a click. and it’s all free. and easy.

one game i’d like to find in widget form? MANCALA. i rock that game (haha, i just realized that i punned that). or connect four. i’m a champ. none of this solitaire crap for me, i’m all about the old school board games. if you have any cool widgets i should be aware of, let me know. F4-ing has never been more fun.


One thought on “>Growing Up, Day 3: Child’s Play

  1. >jes, of COURSE I remember…you in your pj’s at 1 in the morning glazed over the computer screen lol…good times. and did we bond over mancala? because I’m pretty sure that was the first game my family was legitimately addicted to…

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