>Growing Up, Day 2: Big Decisions


the 4 o’clock hour is always really tough for me
(at least when i’m actually home).

why is it, you ask?

it’s the time when i must decide between watching csi: ny OR or law and order svu.

they are two of my most favorite crime shows. it’s a tough choice.

i usually end up deciding on SVU using these criteria:

  • is it an old or new episode of svu? (judged by oliva benson’s hair)
  • have i seen it before?
  • is alex cabot (old ADA) on or is it the new one i don’t like (casey novak)?
  • how gruesome is the crime?

if it doesn’t seem to be appealing to me, i switch to csi and use this criteria:

  • is danny featured prominently in this episode?

i fall for his accent every time. and let’s face it, csi has much hotter people. the only reason i suffer through csi: miami is for eric delko and the other attractive csi’s. horatio caine is NOT the reason people watch that show. i hope he knows that. when given the choice, i’d rather watch a fierce CSI in a sweet lab than an aging detective sitting in a dingy precint office.

i remember the first time i saw an episode of svu, and a few years later when i saw csi: ny. i’ve definitely done some GROWING UP since then, and my tastes have changed a lot. but i’ll always be a sucker for crime shows, especially when there are 24 hour marathons on almost every weekend.

the downside? i’m now terrified of living alone. and afraid of the dark.

guess i haven’t grown up that much.

(p.s. if you are wondering, today i chose to watch csi. i’ve already seen the SVU episode a million and a half times.)


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