>if i had a million dollars…


…i’d buy everything at anthropologie. EVERYTHING. that store is heaven and then some. too bad it’s way out of my price range. i just walk around running my hands over everything and pretending i own everything already. i want to buy all the stupid little books, the cookbooks and lifestyle books. all the little trinkets that i would never use but would look extra-cute in my non-existent shabby chic kitchen. basically, i love anthro. what girl doesn’t?
last week’s excursion to SLC fell through, but we’re making up for it and going tonight. i’m so excited i can barely contain myself. mainly because of anthro, but just because it will be nice to get out of provo for a few hours during a blah random weekday. t-minus 2 hours as i write this.
i’ll be hitting up anthro, forever 21 and counter burger among many other stores at the gateway.

the downside to this anthro trip is that i can’t really buy anything. as moving day approaches, the realities of packing are hitting harder. what if i see some adorable plates that i just Need to Have in my future kitchen?

or a shabby chic pillow that will Look Perfect in the apartment i don’t have?

i think it’s really the smell of the store that really gets me. i bet there’s drugs in the sandlewood candles they burn all around. drugs that make you addicted to anthropologie and make you spend way beyond your means so you can try and replicate all the displays, but you’ll never have enough talent to even come close to it.

i hate coming to terms with reality.


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