>road trippin’


in about a month i will embark on a journey that i’ve never experienced before.

NO, i don’t have a job (yet).

i’m going on a CROSS COUNTRY ROAD TRIP. with my MOM.
[i love you mom :-)]

we need to bring all my crap home from utah, and there’s no way it’s fitting on an airplane in 2 pieces of luggage. i got out of it the first time around, so now it’s time to pay my dues.

i’m getting really excited, though. my mom is pretty much leaving our chicago shenanigans up to me, and i’ve found some other great stops along our route home.

but first off, chicago. want to know the first place i thought of to go to in chi-town?

the CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE. i’m such a nerd.
it’s like the game “pit,” but in real life. lots of loud angry people trading wheat, sugar, coffee and other good stuff. my econ prof. told us about it a few months ago and i got really excited (this is before i started bombing my exams). i may be almost failing econ, yet i’m still excited for this. ironic?

the next stop?

the kansas city (missouri) public library.
well actually, the garage. the library’s garage is painted to look like the spines of popular books, and it includes some of my favorites! my mom is equally nerdy and will most likely be excited about this, too.

stop #3

nauvoo, illinois
i’ve never been here, either. i’ll see some new church history tours, and megmorg will be there on the mish! 2 in 1! huzzah.

last but not least…

the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland, ohio!!!
too much rock for one trip. i can’t wait to see and touch so many famous things.

it’s shaping up to be an excellent trip (as long as my mom and i don’t kill each other by the end of it). if you have any suggestions of where else i should go, let me know!


4 thoughts on “>road trippin’

  1. >R&R HoF is very fun, but the people that work there are out of control with the rules. Make sure to hide your camera or they will take it away, lol

  2. >I’ve been to the Chicago Board of Trade and it’s actually pretty cool to see the inside of, especially when one of the “pits” is really active.

  3. >I can’t believe your mom is saying no to KC. You could come visit me! I’m only 20 minutes from downtown. And I feel like such a moron for not knowing about that wicked awesome library garage. I need to go check that out! Nauvoo is fun… but only for about a day. I didn’t know that Meghan was going there. How cool!

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