>no gym required


while perusing my newest issue of lucky magazine (free subscription thanks to coke rewards points!), i saw an ad for these shoes:

reebok easy tone trainers:

apparently they help shape your legs and, ahem, glutes, without the use of a gym or any equipment! genius! they are a little pricey, however. i guess they create an instability that forces your muscles to do more work while doing your every day activities. do you think a combination of these shoes and the 30 day shred would produce even better results?

so i read some reviews, and saw that this is nothing new. there is actually another shoe that does the same thing. being the good little comparison shopper that i am, i looked those up, too.

skechers shape ups:

UGLY AS SIN!!!!! ugh AS IF. i would never be caught dead in those. they look even worse than those shoes with the wheels in the bottom, made popular by 6th graders everywhere who are too lazy to use their legs and walk anywhere. they look like a combination of moon shoes and the bottom of a rocking horse. how heavy do you think they are? of course your legs would get a workout, each shoe is 5 lbs. each.

when (and if) i ever get some real moolah coming in, i think i’ll try the easy tones. they seem like a good investment. right now i’ll stick with my aasics (brand loyalty instilled in me in the 6th grade by my cross country coaches).

what running shoe do you use? would you ever be bold enough to wear those skechers?


3 thoughts on “>no gym required

  1. >See… this is an awesome concept, but I already hate walking/doing normal activities so I can’t imagine making it harder for myself by choice. p.s. I got my 30 day shred video today and I’m just staring at the dvd. I’m a little scared to pop it in.

  2. I love my Skechers! I’ve gone from having severe lower back pain ( thanks to epidural during all three pregnancies) and cramps in my feet to living a pain free, active life… I keep up with all three of my kids all three dogs and husband with no complaint. Yes I agree visually they are an eye sore BUT I wouldn’t trade this freedom for the world. They are a great “orthopedic” relief -shoe

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