>jillian will kick your butt


my roommates and i seem to have been sucked into the biggest loser over the past few weeks. i don’t know how or why. none of us have ever watched it before. but after a big cliffhanger last week, i couldn’t help but tune is this past tuesday to see what happened. i don’t think it’s something i’ll watch regularly, but boy, does it really get me motivated!

i want to order this after hearing and reading rave reviews about it:

i know it will be hard, but i know it will be worth it. plus, i won’t have to shave my legs like i always have to do when i go to the real gym. jillian is scary and tough, but she knows what she’s doing! i love the part in the preview video on amazon when she says, “if you’re looking for a modified version of a jumping jack, look elsewhere! i have 400 pound people who can do this!”

i can’t wait to get shredded.

in the meantime, i’ve found something to hold me over – mini workouts with jillian on hulu!



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