>a post in which i rant


i was told by a certain friend that he likes when i complain about BYU. funny, i like that too. although i love my soon-to-be-alma mater, there are some things really wrong with the people here (at least in my opinion).

my current rant-of-choice? PARKING.

luckily (or not luckily?) i’ve never had a car while at college. yeah, it’s been tough, especially when i’d love to make that midnight ice cream run or something, but i’ve gotten by pretty well through awesome friends and public transportation. it’s also forced me to walk a lot of places. however, many of my fellow students seem to have forgotten how their legs work, and insist on driving only a few blocks just to go to class.

for example: i walk through a Y-Lot (student parking) every day on my way to class or work. i also walk along many streets where people cram as many cars as possible inbetween the red zones on the curb. one day, i saw someone drive out of my apartment complex. a few minutes later, as i came to the parking lot, i saw that same car waiting for a parking spot. i’m not kidding. this lot is literally 2 blocks away. this person drove 2 blocks just to go sit and wait for a parking spot!! it’s insane!!

ever since BYU started giving out free parking passes, the number of cars in provo seems to have doubled, and the number of people actually walking to class has been cut in half. yeah, sure it’s winter and it’s cold, but are you really that much of a wuss that you can’t throw on a scarf and coat and brave the cold for an extra five minutes? because that’s about how much time you shave off by driving. most of the people i see waiting and looking for parking spots must have had to leave extra early to allow for time to sit and wait and look. is that really effective? even if you’re late, that extra time is just as much as walking. yes, i realize many people do need to drive because they commute or live like 2+ miles away. but let’s be real.

i live a few blocks south of campus and could be considered as being pretty far south . it takes me LESS THAN 20 MINUTES to walk to work, on the north side of campus and on the total opposite side. i have a friend that lives even farther away and it takes him about 20 minutes to walk to his classes. he said that when he’s walking home, he doesn’t see anyone walking past 400 north. everyone who lives below that drives. seriously? it takes less than 20 minutes to get to the center of campus. people can’t walk that far? i’m appalled.

maybe that’s why we have instances like this, where people will do anything to get a spot:

(photo taken by me last year)

i won’t even get into the whole street parking debacle from last year, that’s a whole other few posts. i just wish people would learn to use their legs and walk a little bit more. it certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone, that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “>a post in which i rant

  1. >SOOOOOOO TRUE. I drove a couple times to school, then realized how ridiculous I was as it only takes 12-15 minutes to walk to my classes. Ridic. I swear, people hate walking here, it’s strange!!!!

  2. >I’ll admit. I usually drive to my one and only class and I live right across the street from you.The main reason being I tend to get off work late and then by the time I get home, change, and make myself something to take for lunch, I only have 5 minutes to get to campus (plus it’s an afternoon class and there are always spots open.)

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