>i’m on a boat

>monday night found me on the 2nd floor of the library doing, oddly enough, some genealogy research for FHE. i went with one goal- to discover exactly how i’m related to william bradford, writer of the mayflower compact, among other awesome things.

i didn’t end up finding the link because i was too sidetracked by all of the unusual names floating around in my family. i admit, i like to make fun of weird names. utah is prone to them, so it’s extra fun (and something i’ll definitely miss when i’m gone. seriously…i met someone whose real name is HAPPY).

here are some of the names i found, FIRST names of my actual relatives of whom i am descended.

  • abner
  • zebulon
  • abijah
  • loved
  • hulda
  • dorcas (alex, i think this is where you come in)
  • dependance
  • mehitable

and no i’m not kidding about any of those. not even mehitable. and that’s just the line from one grandparent!

i did find some good names, too. so maybe my children will be cool and named after distant grandparents.

another cool thing about william bradford? he produced some kick-a descendants, like:

  • julia child
  • christopher reeve
  • william rehnquist
  • noah webster (of dictionary fame)
  • john lithgow
  • and me, of course

now i’ll have a conversation starter if i ever meet john lithgow.


2 thoughts on “>i’m on a boat

  1. >You are related to Gov. William Bradford this way: You are on the level of his 10th Great Grand daughter. You – 1986Kevin Bradford Lane – 1960Milton Rowe Lane – 1921Annie Louise Rowe – 1883Charles Chipman Rowe – 1856Esther Lane Chipman – 1827Charles William Chipman – 1797William Chipman – 1764Benjamin Chipman – 1729Priscilla Bradford – 1686John Kingston Bradford – 1651William Bradford IV – 1624William Bradford (Gov.) – 1590I can go back further if you’d like. Just thought you might want to know how you’re related.

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