>this post is very interactive.

>weekend wrap-up:

  • i’m sad kathy griffin didn’t win her grammy. oh well, there’s always next year kathy!
  • the draper temple was absolutely stunning. such a great experience. i like that they’re varying the designs of new temples so they don’t all look the same.
  • i’m going to enter the 20sb vlog day contest thing and i need your help. film a video of yourself dancing and send it to me: ladyroselane@gmail.com. what i’ve put together so far is pretty stellar and i can’t wait for everyone to see the finished product!
  • love week ’09 has officially begun! last night’s kickoff party was awesome and tons of fun. we had a “paparazzi backdrop” and took pictures in front of it as everyone came in, and lots of dancing was done by all. i love love week! visit my good friends mike and jordan’s blog, “The Gripload,” to see their take on love week.

without you there would be no love week.


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