>public service announcement.

sometimes i feel like i am the only person in the world (or at least in provo) that seems to notice what the weather is like. take for instance the girl i saw walking up to campus the other day when it was 19 degrees at 8:45am. she was wearing a t-shirt and bermuda shorts with flip flops. ITS FEBRUARY IN UTAH. just because the sun is out does not mean it’s warm. and just because we broke 40 this week does not mean it’s spring.

i just don’t understand why people feel the need to show us that they’re “cool” and “tough” by not wearing a coat or practical shoes or any practical clothing at all when it clearly is needed. i see guys walking around in blizzards with shorts and t-shirts on because they think it’s funny and want people to notice them. guess what? i do notice you. and i think you’re a fool.

i also do not understand people who love getting soaked in the rain and don’t use umbrellas. like today, when it was pouring rain and had clearly been raining for a few hours. when i left to walk to work, i only saw a few people with umbrellas. everyone else either had a hood on or was just getting soaked without anything. is it really that hard to look out the window before you leave? could you not hear the rain? i heard it as soon as i woke up (and groaned and groaned about it). when you stepped outside, were you really too lazy to turn around, go back inside and grab your umbrella?

dear people,
you live in utah. it rains and snows a lot here. the first thing you should buy when you get here (and i can’t believe you don’t already have one) is an umbrella. because guess what? you’ll need it. it is not a fashion statement, and nobody will think you’re stupid for having one.
love, tara.

this is not an issue of vanity. yes, i use my umbrella to keep my hair dry (and avoid a monica gellar-bing incident that may occur because of humidity/moisture), but really i just like to stay dry all over. is it really that much of a statement to show up to class soaking wet, just to prove to people that you are above the weather and It can’t touch you? seriously?

i guess i really can’t put my frustrations into words. it’s just that every day i see people dressed so ridiculously and i don’t understand why. i feel like, i don’t know, wearing a COAT when it’s snowing is just common sense.

but i guess it’s just me.


One thought on “>public service announcement.

  1. >Haha, no offense taken! I think you are right on…I did not want to prove I was tough, I just couldn’t find my umbrella and I was late…hence the fact I practically ran up to school, which probably made me look like an even bigger idiot. haha!

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