>british invasion

>as you may have noticed, i have a new header. i’m very proud of it because i made it myself (thanks, illustrator!). i will probably be fooling around with illustrator a lot more in the future so the header might change a few times. don’t be alarmed! it’s still me 🙂

if you know me well, to say that i like music is an understatement. i LOVE music. all kinds. yes, even classical. before stella, the majority of my hard drive was taken up by music files. lately i’ve been willing to give anything a try, and it’s really turned me on to some great stuff out there.

but today i would like to give credit to some british babes who are making it big here in the u.s. namely, duffy and adele. maybe amy, but she’s got issues, so we’ll see.

duffy’s first single, “Mercy,” came out last march or april-ish, i can’t remember. i got it for free because it was free on itunes and the preivew sounded decent enough. after a few listens i figured i’d give the whole album a go, and i’m so glad i did. the album, “Rockferry,” is one of those albums you can listen to without skipping a single song. it really is just good music, and an album i highly recommend! hopefully she’s not a one-hit wonder, because i’d love to hear more from her. (also, heads up, mercy is on the LW09 soundtrack!)

adele is a more recent discovery, thanks to kevin, who kept raving about her. i finally downloaded the album and was blown away! she’s amazing! the album, “19,” is a good mix of slow and upbeat songs, the standout being “chasing pavements,” which i’ve decided is my audition song if i ever decided to lose my mind and try out for american idol. adele is also going to be in vogue! go adele! i will obviously buy the issue (but then again, i buy every issue. can’t wait to live somewhere for more than a year so i can actually get a subscription…)

i won’t even bother to post a picture of amy winehouse because there are no decent ones of her. poor amy. i wish she would just get her life back together and make some more music, because when she’s good, she’s really good. she should be the poster child for the D.A.R.E. program or something, f’real.

ahhhh and as i am writing this, i just got notification that i was accepted to 20somethingbloggers! i’m so excited.


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