>a combination of things


first off, r.i.p. ONTD
ohnotheydidnt is the celeb gossip blog i frequent. it’s on livejournal. yesterday, something bad happened, something that even livejournal didn’t know could happen.


around since 2004, ONTD reached the maximum number of comments allowed on a community blog- 16,777,000. not even the people who MADE lj knew there was a limit. see, the point fun of the whole community is to comment. and without comments, there is no fun.
they are, however, working hard to fix it, and ontd has a temporary home for now.
but it’s not the same :(.


i want these glasses.

ok, not really.
(well maybe, really.)


why am i crying/tearing up at EVERYTHING lately?
not an “i hate my life cry,” but a sentimental cry.
like i honestly think i could cry at an action movie right now.
for absolutely no reason.
ugh, hormones.


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