>kids say (and do) the darndest things

>kids are cute. i want some someday. but hopefully my kids don’t do anything like these little munchkins…

14-year-old boy impersonates cop, police say–Teen goes on traffic patrol wearing real police uniform, but is unarmed

so this kid just bought a uniform, walked into a police station and reported for duty! he even checked out a radio and ended up going on patrol with another officer who didn’t happen to realize that he was with a 14-year-old kid who he’d never seen before.

makes you think, eh? how the heck did he pull it off, and why didn’t anyone notice?!??!

German lovers – aged six and five – try to elope to Africa(thanks to yooms for this one)

now this is actually pretty cute. two little kids wanted to get married so they hopped on a train in germany and tried to get to the airport to fly to africa. they even brought along a witness, the little boy’s sister!

“Asked why they failed to let their parents know, the children said they thought they would not be gone for long.

Mika told police he instigated the plan having been inspired by a winter holiday with his family in Italy. “Based on this the children began to make plans for the future,” Jureczko said.”

ok, so i may have married some people on the playground (and gotten married myself, in 1st grade), but taking off to a different country? no way!

and last but not least, this kid. he must be a legend in his hometown, not to mention all the youtube stardom he has!

i just wanted to do hoodrat stuff wif my friends!


One thought on “>kids say (and do) the darndest things

  1. >Wow, I am laughing out loud!!!! The German lovers are frighteningly cute, and I’m scared at that 7-year-old’s perception of his punishment “maybe no video games for a weekend” …ahhh! scary!

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