>geek squad

>you know you have nerdy friends (or you are a nerd yourself) when…

  • a game of kings includes categories like “congressional house committees” and “new york state counties”
  • they want to take notes while watching LOST
  • you cry (TWICE) at grey’s anatomy, even though the show jumped the shark ages ago with storylines like doctors reviving a dead dear in the back of a pickup truck
  • you make up a friend constitution similar to the one in the pants books. in high school.
  • every conversation turns into something about the future/grad school
  • you watch the news, to you know, learn stuff. or actively keep up with it online. and get mad when drudge won’t load.

i swear i had more last night.
maybe i should update my blog when the ideas actually come to my head, instead of days later.


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