>mean girls cafeteria map, BYU style


it has come to my attention that the library (HBLL) is no longer a sanctuary for those who actually need or want to do their schoolwork.
it has become a place to network, socialize and be generally loud and annoying.

i went to 2 DIFFERENT FLOORS today to try and do work, and was greeted with annoying people everywhere i went.

first try- 2nd floor, music area. sat down to write my econ essay. couple facing me at another table giggled for a good 20 minutes about something unknown, whispering sweet nothings or something. neither did any work when i was there. i left shortly after (partly because the wi-fi connection was bad, but mainly because of them). seriously…if you want to whisper sweet nothings and cuddle, please do not do it in the library. i really don’t WANT to look at you, but i have to in order to give you my evil eye.

second try- 3rd floor table area in the back (internet not much better, but an improvement). a girl sitting in the cushy chairs decided to play music on her laptop for a good five minutes. no headphones. it was pretty loud, too. just sitting there rocking out. SERIOUSLY? this is the library, and NOT the No SHHH Zone, contrary to the way many other people seem to treat it.

i rarely even go in the library. i hate working there, because i feel so intimidated and i get antsy and ADD and end up leaving after an hour anyway. but when i know i have to be productive, i’ll haul stella up there and get to work. but after today’s events….who knows if i’ll go back??

here is my interpretation of the HBLL, floor by floor. as a seasoned student, i think i’ve pretty much nailed it by now.

the fifth floor really has become the new periodicals. a few years ago it was empty and quiet, and now it’s so crowded you can barely find a seat and it sounds like a cafeteria–so freaking loud!!!

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