>mad for mad men


i’ve been watching a lot of MAD MEN lately

and i must admit, i enjoy it a lot. i never really got all the fuss about it until i gave it a chance.

the cast is amazing, gotta love that cutie jon hamm.
everyone does such a great job of keeping true to the era.
(not pictured is january jones, aka betty draper, who is my personal favorite)

i might even start incorporating “swell” into everyday sentences now.

that’s why i love this sketch from SNL, because not only is it a Mad Men spoof, it features
jason sudeikis (love him) and kristin wiig (ROC pride) as the a-hole couple,
my favorite recurring characters!



2 thoughts on “>mad for mad men

  1. >How can I start watching Mad Men? Everyone loves it and I feel like i’m missing the boat??? Any shady asian sites I can catch up on? Get me started from episode 1!

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