>blast from the past

>being bored and snowed in provides many opportunities to reflect on the past. specifically, family photos.

in preparation for my epic post about the epic blizzard of ’93 (just you wait, alex…), i came across some real gems in the family photo collection. here’s a sampling for your enjoyment.

BYU circa 1984. Looking at Deseret Towers (2008: Deseret Pastures)

BYU Law School Circa 1984 (2008: Looks exactly the same)

1984- TWO COSMOS????

1995-ish baby skittles! (2008: fattycakes)

my dad and i as bert and ernie. precious.

forever and always a nerd.

also, JFK is still holding my luggage hostage and there’s no word of when i’ll get them back. sucks, because they’ve been sitting around since 6:30am saturday morning. oh, the joys of traveling in the most epic snowstorm of 2008.


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