>could i BE wearing any more clothes?

>as i trudged through the freshly fallen snow on my way to and from work today (and becoming an icicle in the process), i thought about how nice it will be to NOT have to do that for a while (the next 2 weeks, at least). then i thought about how much snow i’ve dealt with over the course of my life. all those winters shoveling the driveway (then my parents buy a snow blower the year i leave for school…). i have come to be very prepared for snow because of this, racking up my fair share of snow clothes.

for those of you not lucky enough to live in a snow-prone area…here are some vital winter necessities/accessories for the winter season.

A) Warm Winter Coat: Pretty much a given. Without it you’ll become a popsicle/get frostbite all over your body. Luckily, coats are pretty cute.
B) Ear Warmer/Hat: Today I wore both, but usually I wear one or the other. You don’t realize how valuable your ears are until you can’t feel them anymore.
C) Scarf/Hoodie/Neck Warmer: Scarves are my new collectible accessory. I have tons to match each of my coats. And they’re functional! Hoodies are great when you don’t have a hat/ear warmer and keep your head from getting wet without getting hat hair! Neck warmers are awesome…but you can’t really move your neck when you wear one, making you look like the little brother from “A Christmas Story.’
D) Gloves: Need I say more? Also a necessity when making snowballs.

Not Pictured:
Knee Socks- To keep at least PART of your legs warm.
Boots- Boys hate Ugg boots, but really, they are necessary. A few days ago when we had the first major snowfall, every.single.girl. in the library was wearing boots. With jeans tucked in. They’re FUNCTIONAL, ok? And warm. And cute.

Hope you enjoyed TLane’s Guide to Winter Warmness. Be sure to put it to good use!


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