>taking advantage of the break and my access to a car, i drove myself up to sundance this afternoon, partly because i was bored, but also because i’ve never been there before and have always wanted to drive up the alpine loop in the fall. it was a beautiful drive, and really gave me the opportunity to clear my head and just get out a lot of frustrations i’ve been having.

i really appreciated the beauty of utah. sure, the state gets a bad rap because of the people and all, but for real, this place is BEAUTIFUL. i wish i’d been able to go earlier when the leaves were a little more colorful, but it was still really pretty. provo canyon is just so cool. sundance was really cute, too. (i even got to see, from a distance, the cirque lodge, former home of MK olsen, lindsay lohan and kirsten dunst. what can i say, it’s the celebrity stalker in me.)

so i’m adding one more thing to my list of gratefulness– utah’s beauty. because i won’t be able to appreciate it for that much longer.


2 thoughts on “>sundance

  1. >I’m really confused — I thought you thought Utah was pretty ugly. Or was I just projecting my feelings onto you?Actually, farther up the canyon (Park City, etc.) it is even prettier than where you were.

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