>i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! i sure did. just a simple dinner with everything i love (including my famous green bean casserole) and some delicious pies, some movie watching, and a few hours of wii games to work everything off.

things i’m thankful for:

amazing family
amazing friends
my current job
my new job in january
my education
a warm apartment
my ipod/macbook
warm weather
lucky charms
diet coke
cats and dogs
our troops
my knowledge
hot showers
chick flicks

although some may seem insignificant or just downright silly, i’m still grateful for every single thing.

ps: dear santa,

i want a wii.
i know it won’t happen, but i’m just putting it out there. in the universe. like “the secret” tells you to do. who knows…maybe i’ll win that wii+rock band set from the DU giveaway….
as i rowed, long jumped, boxed, swam, trampolined, strummed, sang and rocked out on the drums today, i couldn’t help but want one. laura said she lost 3 pounds the first week they got it! so much fun and such a great workout at the same time. think about it 😉


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