>it’s rivalry week…

>…So it’s time for some good ol’ UofU jokes! [P.S- Casey, if you read this, just know that I still love you, even if you are a Ute fan 🙂 ]

Q: Did you hear about the power outage at the University of Utah library?
A: Forty students were stuck on the escalator for three hours.

Q: What do you call a good looking girl on the University of Utah campus?
A: A visitor

Q: How many Utah fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: One, but he gets 3 credits

Q: Why couldn’t the Utes put on a live nativity scene for Christmas?
A: They couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin.

One day in an elementary school in Salt Lake City, UT, a teacher asks her class if the Utah Utes are their favorite football team. The whole class says yes, except for Little Jimmy.

The teacher asks, “What’s your favorite football team Jimmy?”

Little Jimmy says, “The BYU Cougars “

The teacher asks, “Well, why is that?”

Little Jimmy says, “Well, my dad is a Cougar fan, my mom is a Cougar fan, I guess that makes me a Cougar fan.”

The teacher angered by his reply says, “If your dad was a moron and your mom was an idiot what would that make you?”

Little Jimmy says, “Well, I guess that would make me a Utah fan.”



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