>today’s big things

>so there’s this site, TodaysBigThing.com that picks one viral video each day and posts it as “today’s big thing.” they’re always hilarious and sometimes bizzare, but they always leave me laughing and make my day a little brighter. here are some of my favorites:


“It must be great being cat, lying around all day, splayed out on the floor, half in an empty box of yogurt. That would be the life. Today’s cat isn’t our first cat-diving-into-a-box video, but he adds originality to his genre with his unrelenting desire to wear a yogurt box like a tube top.”


“Just kidding. Take the title and change every word to the opposite of what it means and it’s accurate. This woman embarrassed herself when she turned on her camera, when she stood on the table, when she started singing, when she fell off the table and especially when she uploaded it to the Internet.”


“Matt dances in 42 countries in 14 months. If Matt was a wanted criminal, this would be an infuriating piece of evidence to any detectives trying to capture him. He’s the real-life Carmen Sandiego, only innocent and more adorable.”
(^this is probably my favorite thing ever. how much fun would that me, to travel the world and meet all those people and make people happy just by doing a silly little dance?! i love it!)

check back tomorrow for a video so cute it will make your ovaries hurt.


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