>as of late

>life update, because i know you are all dying to know what i’m up to:

  • my birthday is exactly one month from today.
  • that means only 4 weeks of classes left!
  • lindsay and i were twinners at work yesterday. white shirts, colorful scarves, dark jeans. we turned heads.
  • there was a 23 point curve on my finance test, HALLELUJAH.
  • LOST comes back in january and it can’t come soon enough!
  • bones is moving to thursday nights starting in january 😦
  • i’m reading machiavelli right now and i feel smart
  • i may or may not have already started listening to christmas music…
  • job searching is scary/hard.
  • today we learned that facebook messages max out at 1,000 msgs/thread. whoops.
  • gchat now has video. i have gchat. and a webcam. let’s chat.

that’s all.

happy thursday tomorrow!


One thought on “>as of late

  1. >Are “Bones” and “The Office” going to be on at the same time on Thursdays? If so, bummer for you. Not so much for me, since I don’t watch either.

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