>i "love" grammar!

>kevin just posted this site on facebook:

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

and it is quite hilarious, if i do say so myself. the misuse of quotation marks is one of my biggest pet peeves. i see it frequently on the chinese menus at home. “fast” delivery!! they claim. “free” delivery is another great one. well, are you trying to tell me something with those quote marks, eh? is the delivery not really that “fast” or “free?” far too often quotation marks are used for emphasis in allllll the wrong places. being “somewhat” of a “writer,” grammar is kind of my “thing.” if i learned anything in comms 321, it was good grammar. i may not know how to diagram a sentence perfectly, but i do know what the difference between a preposition and a conjunction is!

my favorites from the site:

some other good reads:
Typo Personalities – 2 guys travel around the U.S. correcting bad grammar and punctuation anywhere they can find it.
National Punctuation Day – Enough said.

and just because i love him, mr. joey tribiani. just watch.


2 thoughts on “>i "love" grammar!

  1. >I should start a blog with all of the examples of misplaced possessive apostrophes (or is it apostrophe’s?) I see — starting with my place of employment!!

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