>jack and the blog-stalk

>ok, so i know i have some strangers reading this blog. my stats don’t lie.

i have 6 subscriptions to my feed. every day there are at least 6+ new visitors.

i know of about 10 people, max, that are regulars. but who is everyone else?

please, come out of hiding! i want to know who you are! i didn’t think my blog was that entertaining, but based on the number of people who come here, i guess i’m wrong!

PLEASE feel free to comment. i would love to hear from you. ask me questions. tell me something to write about. anything. let’s be bloggy friends, and i’ll add you to my blogroll and everything!

the public relations profession has started utilizing new technologies, like blogging, to further the profession and the work we do. please help me improve my skills. seriously.

someday i hope to make money from this or another blog, and that means i need readers! if you like me, tell me. tell your friends. i’m totally serious. i have this blog for a reason. help me put it to good use.

hope to hear from you soon!

p.s. now that i’ve written this, i guess i should practice what i preach and de-lurk on some of the blogs i myself stalk…


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